Our team at EffectiveCAT is growing and we’re sure this page will be full of the people that have helped make this company what it is.

We have a number of different developers and testers producing top quality software. Moving quickly to get things done is second nature.

Simon Harrod 

At EffectiveCAT we are passionate about improving the customer experience for both the customer, the company and contact centre agents. We are confident our products make a substantial headway in streamlining contact centre operations and enhancing the customer experience. More importantly crucial to our success is our passion to provide excellence in customer service which allows us to bring innovation into the forefront of contact centre operations.

Karlis has accumulated more than 15 years experience in IT, most of which has been spent in the Contact Centre space. Karlis started his career writing assembler code for microcontrollers and over the years, has gained experience in all major programming languages.

He brings a “get things done” attitude to every aspect of his life and recently has taken a dive into the entrepreneurial world. Karlis is part of the EffectiveCAT leadership team that creates innovative solutions for Contact Centres.

His current focus is on establishing and maturing the operations functions that underpin the delivery of EffectiveCAT – a predictive analytics software tool, and KickAAS – an automated agent scripting solution These targeted solutions assist in driving contact centre operations efficiencies and can result in significantly reduced agent costs.

Karlis Zemitis 

Dragan Mitrovic

Dragan is the Chief Technology Officer at EffectiveCAT, he oversees technical solutions for EffectiveCAT’s products and client engagements. With a long background in software engineering he is involved in all technical aspects of the company. He’s also one of the original co-founders of EffectiveCAT.