Optimize your Contact Centre with confidence by the power of scenario simulation!

Everyday Contact Centers need to change in a digital multichannel environment. Customers demand more from your business and expect better service.

Effective Contact Centre Analytics Tool (CAT) is a predictive analytics software tool for improving contact centre operations and significantly reducing agent costs. Further, CAT software gives you the ability to optimize workflow and plan for change.

What CAN CAT Do?

Manage Risks

Reduce risk through CAT by predicting the impact of routing or skills changes before your operational staff make any modifications.


CAT’s algorithms allow you to simulate any type of scenario. For example, changes in routing, average handling time and more.

Only Minutes

Simulations will take minutes even for advanced contact centres. Iterate as many times as needed.

Detailed Reports

Average wait times, average idle time, service level, to name just a few, for easy decision making.

How CAT differs from our competitors?

  • CAT provides significant savings straight out of the box and the Return On Investment (ROI) is achieved within the first 30 days.
  • CAT is an innovative new approach to predicting change within a Contact Centre – there is no other product that does what we do.
  • CAT fills a current gap in the market which workforce planning tools do not provide and achieves this through simulation software.
  • CAT allows you to predict the impact of routing or skills changes on your Contact Centre before your operational staff make any modifications, thereby significantly optimising your staff utilisation and the ability to save thousands of dollars.
  • CAT allows you to predict the impact on the Contact Centre of campaigns and adjust your staff mix to ensure the best outcome for your customers and the maximum return on your marketing dollar.
  • CAT is FAST and USER FRIENDLY, most other enterprise level software takes over 10 mins to run. Once set up an average simulation can take less than 45 seconds allowing you to increase productivity and quickly arrive at the best business outcome for your Contact Centre.